California Surveillance and Investigations

CrimTac Employment

CrimTac is dedicated to their clients, by holding high standards in case preparation, execution and timely case results. So with such high standards and expectations comes responsibility to employ persons with specific skills and training.

Preferred skills, training and education.

Below is a list of preferred skills

  • Prior or current Local, State or Federal Law Enforcement Experience.
  • Prior or current Military experience with specialized training.
  • Degree in Criminal Law or Administration of Justice.
  • Specialized skills and training from Government Agency’s.

Above is a brief list of preferred skills and training, which CrimTac Investigations is based from and if you believe you have the drive and eagerness to work at high standard levels, please attach a resume to an email with your contact information to with “Employment” in the subject line.

Once you have sent the email, CrimTac may contact you as positions or the needs are required.

Thank You!