Why is CrimTac different?

*CrimTac hires the top investigators in the state, with a 48 hour turnaround at the end of the case.

Will CrimTac investigate a crime?

Yes, usually CrimTac will work with defense attorneys. But on special occasions will also work close with law enforcement and private person’s to uncover the facts and help present the evidence in a court of law.

Does Crimtac do surveillance?

Yes, CrimTac commonly works with insurance companies and attorneys, as surveillance is an art and trained skill. CrimTac will also implement tactical surveillance teams to accomplish goals on difficult location cases, burned cases and high risk subjects. Additionally, CrimTac will work with a private person on domestic cases.

Will CrimTac work with bail bond companies?

Yes, Our tactical teams/Investigators have years of law enforcement experience in tracking down and apprehending wanted persons. This training and experience has made a viable transition to the private sector seamless with less risk to the bond/asset.